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West ET2001 Digital Thermostat (J-Type T/C)


Compact 77mm x 35mm, cost-effective, digital thermostat device for general heating or cooling applications. Ideal for industrial applications with J thermocouple sensors.

  • Heating or cooling applications
  • J thermocouple
  • Single set-point, on/off control
  • Zero-point shift
  • Adjustable hysteresis


Catalog Page 38a                                West-ET2001-Datasheet

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Item # Sensor Type Voltage (Power) Relay Units
ET2001J23005CJ Thermocouple230V AC, +, -, 50/60Hz5A relayCelsius
ET2001J23005FJ Thermocouple230V AC, +, -, 50/60Hz5A relayFahrenheit
ET2001J23008CJ Thermocouple230V AC, +, -, 50/60Hz8A relayCelsius
ET2001J23008FJ Thermocouple230V AC, +, -, 50/60Hz8A relayFahrenheit
ET2001J11005FJ Thermocouple110V AC, +, -, 50/60Hz5A relayFahrenheit
ET2001J23016CJ Thermocouple230V AC, +, -, 50/60Hz16A relayCelsius
ET2001J23016FJ Thermocouple230V AC, +, -, 50/60Hz16A relayFahrenheit
ET2001J11016FJ Thermocouple110V AC, +, -, 50/60Hz16A relayFahrenheit
ET2001J11016CJ Thermocouple110V AC, +, -, 50/60Hz16A relayCelsius
ET2001J11008CJ Thermocouple110V AC, +, -, 50/60Hz8A relayCelsius
ET2001J02405CJ Thermocouple24V AC, ±5A relayCelsius
ET2001J02408CJ Thermocouple24V AC, ±8A relayCelsius
ET2001J11008FJ Thermocouple110V AC, +, -, 50/60Hz8A relayFahrenheit
ET2001J02405FJ Thermocouple24V AC, ±5A relayFahrenheit
ET2001J02408FJ Thermocouple24V AC, ±8A relayFahrenheit
ET2001J11005CJ Thermocouple110V AC, +, -, 50/60Hz5A relayCelsius
ET2001J02416CJ Thermocouple24V AC, ±16A relayCelsius
ET2001JSM05FJ Thermocouple9-20V DC / 7-24V AC, 50/60Hz5A relayFahrenheit
ET2001JSM08CJ Thermocouple9-20V DC / 7-24V AC, 50/60Hz8A relayCelsius
ET2001JSM16FJ Thermocouple9-20V DC / 7-24V AC, 50/60Hz16A relayFahrenheit
ET2001JSM16CJ Thermocouple9-20V DC / 7-24V AC, 50/60Hz16A relayCelsius
ET2001JSM05CJ Thermocouple9-20V DC / 7-24V AC, 50/60Hz5A relayCelsius
ET2001J02416FJ Thermocouple24V AC, ±16A relayFahrenheit
ET2001JSM08FJ Thermocouple9-20V DC / 7-24V AC, 50/60Hz8A relayFahrenheit
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