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Weschler’s Meter Modification Center can assemble instruments into housings to simplify the installation of one instrument or a large instrument cluster. Select the instruments from the broad Weschler line or any of the suppliers listed in this catalog. Products from several manufacturers can be utilized to meet the application requirements. Choose from a wide selection of racks and enclosures to match the size constraints of the installation. Ancillary controls, indicators, signal conditioners and outputs can be added as needed.

Typical applications include:

  • Rack-mounted instrument clusters for use in a control room,
  • Meters mounted in a portable case for field use,
  • Instruments assembled in a weathertight enclosure for outdoor installation.

Digital and analog meters mounted in racks or enclosures

  • Wide range of housings available
  • For indoor and outdoor applications
  • Customized layouts and markings
  • Prewired for quick installation
  • Use instruments from Weschler or other manufacturers
  • Include auxiliary indicators, controls & transducers

Contact a Weschler Measurement and Control specialist to discuss your application requirements.

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