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WATT, VAR Power Factor Transducers – Texmate


TEXMATE WATT, VAR, POWER FACTOR TRANSDUCERS: These Texmate power transducers provide an accurate measurement of active & reactive power for balanced or unbalanced loads. Additional models measure active & reactive energy (as either watt-hours or VAR hours). Dual function units combine watts with VARs, watts with watt-hours, and VARs with VAR hours. Power factor transducers are also available.

Each transducer output is an isolated, load independent DC signal (V or mA) for power and a pulse (relay or open collector) for energy. External power choices are 115/230V AC, 24V DC, or 125V DC. Two case styles provide mounting flexibility.

  •  Watt, VAR, Power factor, Watt Hour & VAR Hour
  •  Single phase & 3 phase models
  •  Measures distorted signals using time division multiplication
  •  Direct connect up to 5A or 600V
  •  ±0.2% or ±0.1% accuracy
  •  High noise immunity
  •  Panel or DIN rail mounting

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