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Veris VFD Current Transducer & Switches


Veris Transducer & Switches for Load Side Monitoring of Variable Frequency Drives. Hawkeye 720, 904 and 934 current monitoring devices provide unique solutions for accurately monitoring the status of motors controlled by variable frequency drives.

The microprocessor-based H904 and H934 store the sensed amperage values for normal operation at various frequency ranges in non-volatile memory. This information allows the device to distinguish between a reduced amp draw due to normal changes in the frequency and an abnormal amp drop due to belt loss or other mechanical failures. The relay on the H934 is isolated from the current switch, and all relay connections are externally accessible on the device.

H720 Transducer Analog output corresponds to current in the monitored conductor

  • 4-20 mA
  • 10-80 Hz frequency

H904 & H934 Switches

  • Microprocessor design provides accurate status for VFD loads Monitors 4 frequencies to detect mechanical failures Automatically compensates for frequency & amperage changes Self-adjusting trip point to detect belt loss undercurrent Relay output for control (H934)

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H72020 to 200Solid-Core0.74-20mADC-
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H934135Split-Core0.8N.O. w/status LEDSPST N.O.
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