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Veris Current Switch & Relays


Hawkeye Relay Combination Series voltage output current switches are the ideal solution for the automation installer. These units combine a current switch and relay into a single package, reducing the space required for total control of fans and pumps. The integrated current switch and relay operate independently of one another. All relay connections are externally available for maximum flexibility

  • Independent switch & relay operation
  • Command & status in one device
  • Adjustable setpoint
  • Relay & switch status LEDs simplify setup
  • C-UL Listed

Also available in split core style (H930 series)

Veris Current Switch & Relay Specs

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Item # Relay Contacts (@250VAC/30VDC) Coil Solid State Output
VE/H758Form A (SPST)10A AC / 5A DC / 1/3 HP9-12VDC 10mA1.0A@30VAC/DC N.O.
VE/H749Form C (SPDT)8A AC / 3.5A DC / 1/4 HP24VAC/DC 10mA0.2A@120VAC/DC N.O.
VE/H748Form C (SPDT)8A AC / 3.5A DC / 1/4 HP24VAC/DC 10mA1.0A@30VAC/DC N.O.
VE/H739Form A (SPST)10A AC / 5A DC / 1/3 HP24VAC/DC 10mA0.2A@120VAC/DC N.O.
VE/H738Form A (SPST)10A AC / 5A DC / 1/3 HP24VAC/DC 10mA1.0A@30VAC/DC N.O.
VE/H735Form A (SPST)5A AC / 3A DC / 1/6 HP24VAC/DC 10mA0.1A@30VAC/DC N.O.
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