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UM-Series – NEMA Case Low-Cost Utility Meters – Texmate


Standard power supply is user-selectable 100/120 VAC or 200/240V AC. Optional 24 VAC, or auto sensing isolated AC/DC 9-24 VAC/12-36 VDC available on request.
Display choices are 0.56″ or 0.8″ red (3.5-digit and UM-40AC).  Green or super bright red LED displays also available on some models.

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UM-35KDesigned for K Thermocouple Input, 1° Resolution, 3.5-Digit
UM-35±2/20 VDC or Optionally ±2/200 VDC, 3.5-Digit, DC Voltage
UM-40AC700.0 VAC FS, 0.1V Resolution, 4-Digit Display, AC Voltage
UM-35ACI1AC Amps, Average, 1A, 3.5-Digit Display, AC Current
UM-35MV±50 mV and ±00 mV Inputs to Suit External DC Current Shunts, 3.5-Digit, DC Voltage
UM-35AC700 VAC and 199.9 VAC Full Scale, 3.5-Digit Display, AC Voltage
UM-45±2/20 VDC or Optionally ±2/200 VDC, 4.5-Digit, DC Voltage
UM-35CL1.4V Loop Drop, Scalable in Engineering Units from -1999 to +1999, 3.5-Digit, Process 4 to 20 mA
UM-45MV±50 mV, ±100 mV, or ±200 mV Inputs to Suit Standard DC Current Shunts, 4.5-Digit, DC Voltage
UM-45CL4.5-Digit Version of UM-35CL as Above, Process 4 to 20 mA
UM-35CLEBuilt-In 24 VDC Loop Excitation, Process 4 to 20 mA
UM-35ACI5AC Amps, Average, 5A, 3.5-Digit Display, AC Current
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