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Type A – 20 Through 600 Amp DC Shunts – Empro


Available in ratings from 20 through 600 amps with either 50mV or 100mV output. Small light duty shunt that can be used with a small busbar configuration or can be connected to a cable or a combination of both.

  • 20 to 600 DC Amperes.
  • Accuracy: 1/4%
  • Recommended continuous operation: <2/3 rated current

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Item # Amp Type Length (in) Width (in)
A-20-502050 mV4.1250.675
A-50-505050 mV4.1250.675
A-75-507550 mV4.1250.675
A-100-5010050 mV4.1250.675
A-125-5012550 mV4.1250.813
A-150-5015050 mV4.1250.938
A-175-5017550 mV4.1250.75
A-200-5020050 mV4.1250.813
A-250-5025050 mV4.1251.063
A-300-5030050 mV4.1251.25
A-375-5037550 mV4.6250.938
A-400-5040050 mV4.6251
A-500-5050050 mV4.6251.25
A-600-5060050 mV4.6251.5
A-50-10050100 mV5.750.675
A-75-10075100 mV5.750.675
A-100-100100100 mV5.750.675
A-150-100150100 mV5.750.93
A-200-100200100 mV5.750.813
A-250-100250100 mV5.751.063
A-300-100300100 mV5.751.25
A-400-100400100 mV6.251
A-375-100375100 mV6.250.938
A-500-100500100 mV6.251.25
A-600-100600100 mV6.251.5
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