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Tyco Crompton Integra Power & Energy Transducer Systems


Integra 1560 and 1580 multi-function transducers provide high accuracy <0.2% measurement and communication of up to 50 major electrical and power quality parameters, including true RMS system values, power quality data and total harmonic distortion (THD) measurement up to the 31st harmonic.

The range offers a 1560 DIN rail mounted version, and a 1580 variant featuring a base plate for surface mounting. Both transducers offer the same high technical specification and incorporate pulsed, analog and digital communication outputs.

Transducers are fully programmable through a Windows based software configuration package, enabling remote commissioning and monitoring via building management systems. Alternatively, an optional menu driven display unit can be used to configure and monitor up to 32 measured parameters. To suit requirements the range offers single phase, single phase 3 wire, 3 phase 3 or 4 wire, and 3 phase 4 wire with neutral CT configurations

  • Replaces multiple single function transducers
  • Measures up to 50 electrical parameters
  • True 3 and 4 wire measurement
  • Power, energy & power quality data
  • Pulsed, analogue and digital outputs
  • Programmable VT and CT ratios
  • Local or remote configuration & monitoring
  • DIN rail or base mounted styles

Up to 50 electrical and power quality parameters can be measured and communicated into building management systems or viewed through the PC configuration software.

These transducers can be programmed using the configuration software or the optional Integra display unit. The display unit can be permanently mounted near the transducer, or connected when configuration or status information is required.

Catalog Page 102                       Integra1560-1580-DS


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Tyco Crompton Power & Energy Transducer Systems

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