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Trumeter CT Meter


The APM CT Meter completes the range alongside the Amp Meter and Shunt Meter, enabling all types of accurate current measurement to now be available. When used with an external current transformer, it is possible to accurately measure up to 10,000 amps, whilst providing a range of features including set-points and dynamic backlighting, which have made the APM range the most popular panel meter on the market today.

  • 40 segment bar graph display
  • Large 4-digit display
  • Dynamic backlight color
  • Custom annunciators
  • User-selectable backlight color and intensity
  • Two independent alarm set-points
  • Two independent outputs
  • 4-20mA analog monitor output

Catalog Page 34c                          Trumeter CT Datasheet

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APM-CT-APNTrumeter APM CT Meter, Positive LCD
APM-CT-APOTrumeter APM CT Meter, Positive LCD, with Outputs
APM-CT-ANNTrumeter APM CT Meter, Negative LCD
APM-CT-ANOTrumeter APM CT Meter, Negative LCD, with Outputs
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