Trumeter Advanced Panel Meters


The Trumeter APM is the most visible, easy to use, multi-format, programmable panel meter on the market. Providing you with the highest level of accuracy and an immediate visual indication of your critical parameters. The APM has been specifically designed for engineers requiring a more effective way of monitoring and displaying data. The Trumeter APM is a cost-effective alternative to the traditional moving coil and expensive digital panel meters.

Two programmable setpoints can trigger the display to change color, flash, change annunciator message or all three at once. Trip when input is above, below, between or outside the setpoints.


Backlight colors: Red, Green, White

Positive LCD display: Black scale on white or colored background

Negative LCD Display: White or colored scale on black background

  • Large 4 digit main display
  • Alphanumeric display for units, alarm or custom message
  • 40 segment curved bargraph
  • Dynamic backlight color
  • Optional digital & analog outputs
  • USB setup software

Order 3′ USB Cable PN 022128-01 separately. Standard type “A” male to type “B” male

Catalog Page 034b                    TruMeter-APM Quickstart                    TruMeter-APM_Leaflet


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APM-VOLT-APNAPM Voltmeter, Positive LCD
APM-VOLT-APOAPM Voltmeter, Positive LCD with Outputs
APM-VOLT-ANNAPM Voltmeter, Negative LCD
APM-VOLT-ANOAPM Voltmeter, Negative LCD with Outputs
APM-AMP-APNAPM Ammeter, Positive LCD
APM-AMP-APOAPM Ammeter, Positive LCD with Outputs
APM-AMP-ANNAPM Ammeter, Negative LCD
APM-AMP-ANOAPM Ammeter, Negative LCD with Outputs
APM-FREQ-APNAPM Frequency, Positive LCD
APM-FREQ-APOAPM Frequency, Positive LCD with Outputs
APM-FREQ-ANNAPM Frequency, Negative LCD
APM-FREQ-ANOAPM Frequency, Negative LCD with Outputs
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