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Transformer Advantage DC


Dual Channel Monitor for Oil-Filled Transformers.
Replaces oil and winding gauges or two winding gauges.

The Transformer Advantage is a precision temperature monitor for liquid immersed power and distribution transformers. It is rugged, fully electronic and field configurable. With Transformer Advantage, users can extend transformer life, utilize maximum capacity and reduce maintenance costs.

Seven models in the Advantage line offer a range of functions and configurations. All use an accurate and stable platinum temperature sensor (RTD) to precisely measure critical liquid temperatures. Probe options fit most popular thermowells, or magnetically mount on units without wells. Setpoint relays can activate alarms or multiple stages of cooling at different temperatures. A sequencing function equalizes run time between cooling stages. The fan timer can exercise fans at a preset time each day.

Advantage DC
The Advantage DC provides two channels of temperature monitoring in a single unit. Any mix of thermowell probes and magnetic probes can be used. Each setpoint relay can be configured to trigger on channel 1 or channel 2 temperature, time of day or remote command. Both channels can be retransmitted using the multi-channel analog output option. With all the setup flexibility of the Advantage SC, one Advantage DC easily replaces the oil and winding gauges on an existing transformer.

  • Two RTD inputs.
  • Use with heated thermowell for winding temperature.
  • Up to 12 relay outputs.
  • Analog retransmit.
  • Auxiliary inputs.
  • DNP-3 & Modbus protocols.

Advantage DC part numbers begin with G7E; older models with G7R

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