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Transformer Advantage CT


Oil & Winding Temperature Monitor for Oil-Filled Transformers
Replaces oil and up to three winding gauges.

The Transformer Advantage is a precision oil & winding temperature monitor for liquid immersed power and distribution transformers. It is rugged, fully electronic and field configurable. With Transformer Advantage, users can extend transformer life, utilize maximum capacity and reduce maintenance costs.

Seven models in the Advantage line offer a range of functions and configurations. All use an accurate and stable platinum temperature sensor (RTD) to precisely measure critical liquid temperatures. Probe options fit most popular thermowells, or magnetically mount on units without wells.  Setpoint relays can activate alarms or multiple stages of cooling at different temperatures. A sequencing function equalizes run time between cooling stages. The fan timer can exercise fans at a preset time each day.

Advantage CT
The Advantage CT model directly measures transformer oil temperature and transformer load current in one phase. Winding temperature is calculated from the measured current, liquid temperature and key transformer parameters. This calculation uses a proprietary algorithm based on IEEE C57.91. The sophisticated algorithm also provides different thermal profiles for natural, forced or directed oil cooling. An existing current transformer can be wired directly to the Advantage CT, or the clamp-on option can be ordered to avoid CT loop rewiring. The 3 winding option displays separate temperatures, based on each winding’s characteristics. One or three channels of analog output readback oil temperature, winding temperature and/or load current. Auxiliary analog/digital inputs allow the Advantage CT to monitor cooling circuits and adjust the winding temperature calculation based on the cooling equipment actually operating. Other transformer devices can also be monitored for transmission to a SCADA system or to activate alarms.

  • One  RTD input.
  • One to three winding current inputs.
  • Winding temperature calculated per IEEE guide.
  • Up to 12 relay outputs for cooling and alarms.
  • Analog retransmits.
  • Cooling fan readback.
  • Auxiliary inputs.
  • Loss of life (insulation aging).
  • DNP-3 & Modbus protocols.

Advantage CT part numbers begin with G4E or G4L; older models with G4R

Transf-Advantage-Datasheet             Advantage Simplified Selector

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Thermowell Probe Adapters
Threaded adapter & tip sleeve for each thermowell probe ordered.
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