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Tiger Family Intelligent Panel Meters – Texmate


The Texmate Tiger series is a powerful, intelligent, 5-digit Programmable Meter Controller (PMC) with modular outputs, input signal conditioning, serial communication and advanced software features for monitoring, measurement, control and communication applications.

  • Intelligent and super-intelligent digital meters
  • Front-panel digital calibration and function selection
  • Built-in linearization function, 32 to 125 flexible points
  • Built-in sensor excitation voltage 5 V /10 V / 24 V DC
  • Six 5A relays or combinations of 10A relays and 5A relays
  • Built-in memory for maximum and minimum readings
  • Over 75 signal conditioners, single as well as dual inputs
  • Two high-resolution, independently programmable 16-bit analog outputs
  • Built-in timer and totalizer (signal integration) inputs, plus user-definable macros and real time clock
  • Choice of serial communications – RS232, RS485, Ethernet, ASCII, Modbus and direct drive printer output
  • Auto-sensing AC / DC, wide range 85-265 V AC / 95-370 V DC or 15-48 V AC / 10-72 V DC power supply
  • Digital “smart” filtering
  • Computer programmable
  • Data logging up to 7000 samples

Catalog Page 015         DI-50-Datasheet            GI-50-Datasheet

DI-60-Datasheet           DI-60AE-Datasheet

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Texmate Tiger Intelligent Panel Meters

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Texmate Tiger Intelligent Panel Meters
Texmate Tiger Intelligent Panel Meter
Texmate Tiger Intelligent Panel Meter
Texmate Tiger Intelligent Panel Meter
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