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Sound Level Monitor – SL130W – Extech


The Extech SL130W Sound Level Alert with Alarm is a 30-130dB Meter with built-in under/over-range LEDs indicators. The SL130W is a sound level alert with alarm for continuous monitoring of sound levels. Ideal for industrial, hospital, auditoriums, schools and other areas where there is a need for being alerted when sound level reaches set points. Bright LEDs (red flashing or green) alert users when the sound level is too high or too low – LEDs can be read from 30m (100ft). You can set the SL130 so the RED LEDs flash when the sound level is below the”LO” set point where people in the audience may not be able to hear. When the sound level is above the “LO” set point, the GREEN LEDs indicate the sound level is acceptable. You can reverse the Red and Green LEDs activation per user color preference.

Wall, desk or tripod mount with optional 15ft (5m) microphone extension cable for remote monitoring. User settable high or low limit (30 to 130dB) with output to drive external relay module. Meets ANSI Type 2 and EN 60651 accuracy specs – compliant to OSHA. Complete with 100-240V AC 50/60Hz adapter and microphone wind cover. 8 x AA batteries (not included) can be used for monitoring function only without an LED alert.

  • Extra large display with bargraph
  • Adjustable high or low limit
  • OVER display
  • External alarm output
  • Time stamped Max reading memory
  • Meets ANSI Type 2
  • Wall, bench or tripod mounting

Complete with swivel microphone, wind cover, AA batteries

Sound Level Monitor


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