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Single & Dual Concentric Bargraphs – Weschler


The BF6400 family of Bargraph Meters provides either one or two channels of signal conditioning and display in a rugged metal case. For maximum flexibility, each channel is configured separately and operates totally independently. These units have large, bright displays to replace Foxboro mechanical indicators or other large analog gauges. In addition to replicating the Foxboro 0-50mA DC input, a wide selection of DC, AC, temperature and frequency inputs can be ordered. Adjustable setpoints and up to four relay outputs provide the capability for control and alarm based on signal level. Custom scales can be specified to duplicate existing gauge markings.

The front panel has no operator-accessible controls, so configuration settings cannot be accidentally changed. Either the digital interface or optional Attachable Button Station can be used to setup or reconfigure each channel. The digital displays provide precise measurements of process parameters. The optional analog retransmit can be used for remote display or connection to a plant SCADA system. Both the BF6401 and BF6402 provide many other features of the popular Weschler BG252, including adjustable bar zero location, bar span, digital decimal point, digital full scale and flashing overrange.


  • Two Complete Bargraph Units in One Case
  • Replaces Foxboro 6400HC Indicators
  • High Resolution 101 Segment Bars
  • 3-1/2 or 4-1/2 Digit LED Displays
  • Wide Selection of Inputs
  • Alarm, Retransmit & SCADA Output Options
Concentric Bargraphs Specs

Use the configuration tool to select model and options for the BF-6401 and BF-6402.

BF6400_Data Sheet                              Bargraph_Input_Matrix

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Single & Dual Concentric Bargraph Meters  – Weschler

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* Single Channel units can be configured with either the inner or outer bar. Specify when ordering.
Single & Dual Concentric Bargraph Meter
Single & Dual Concentric Bargraph
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