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Simpson Rugged Seal Analog Meters – 3300 Series


The Simpson Rugged Seal Analog Meters 3300 Series panel meters offer a wide variety of DCA, DCV, ACA and ACV applications. Metal cased construction withstands rigorous environmental conditions. The metal cover with a drawn steel rear case gives complete magnetic isolation. In addition, each Meter is moisture, dust, and dirt proof and recommended for use in wash down areas.

  • 3½” Models 3323 (DC), 3343 (AC)
  • 4½” Models 3324 (DC), 3344 (AC)


  • Rugged metal case for rigorous environments
  • Splash-proof and sealed against moisture, dust and dirt
  • Calibration not affected by steel panel mounting
  • O-Ring sealed zero adjust and electrical terminals


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Item # Model Size Type Range
1618533444-1/2"AC Microammeter0-100
1601533233-1/2"DC Voltmeter0-25
1608533433-1/2"AC Milliammeter0-1
1618033444-1/2"AC Milliammeter0-1
1608033433-1/2"AC Ammeter0-5
1617533444-1/2"AC Ammeter0-5
1606533433-1/2"AC Voltmeter0-150
1607033433-1/2"AC Voltmeter0-300
1616033444-1/2"AC Voltmeter0-150
1616533444-1/2"AC Voltmeter0-300
1601033233-1/2"DC Voltmeter0-15
1602033233-1/2"DC Voltmeter0-50
1602533233-1/2"DC Voltmeter0-100
1603033233-1/2"DC Voltmeter0-500
1606233233-1/2"DC Millivoltmeter0-50
1615733244-1/2"DC Millivoltmeter0-50
1600033233-1/2"DC Voltmeter0-1.5
1600533233-1/2"DC Voltmeter0-10
1615533243-1/2"DC Microammter0-100
1605533233-1/2"DC Microammter0-50
1606033233-1/2"DC Microammter0-100
1615033244-1/2"DC Microammter0-50
1604533233-1/2"DC Milliammeter0-1
1614033244-1/2"DC Microammter0-1
1603533233-1/2"DC Ammeter0-5
1604033233-1/2"DC Ammeter0-10
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