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Simpson Elapsed Time Meters


Each true-time elapsed time meter is ruggedly constructed and is widely used in factory environments where there is a need to accumulate running time and monitor life and performance records on AC and DC-powered equipment. All hour meters are connected in parallel with the equipment being monitored. The synchronous motor provides accurate hour indication (to 99,999.9 hours)

  • 6 Digit Readout
  • No Reset Capability (Virtually Tamper-proof)
  • Six Case Styles
  • 1½” and 3½” sizes
  • AC and DC Models
  • Phenolic cases with glass windows

Catalog Page 127                                           Elapsedtime-Datasheet

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Item # Model Voltage Size Maximum Indication (hours)
SI/03622112ET120 VAC1-1/2"99,999.9
SI/03618109ET10-80 VDC1-1/2"999,999.9
SI/177202153ET120 VAC3-1/2"99,999.9
SI/0358055ET120 VAC3-1/2"99,999.9
SI/035951357ET120 VAC3-1/2"99,999.9
SI/0360055ET240 VAC3-1/2"99,999.9
SI/0361057ET240 VAC3-1/2"99,999.9
SI/177212153ET240 VAC3-1/2"99,999.9
SI/0359057ET120 VAC3-1/2"99,999.9
SI/036151357ET240 VAC3-1/2"99,999.9
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