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Sifam Tinsley Power Supplies


Sifam Tinsley Power Supplies: Universal AC (90-264V) and DC (124-370V) input range, Isolation Class-II, DIN Rail Mounting, Compact Plastic Enclosure.

  • 24V, 15V or 12V DC Output
  • Wide Input Range AC/DC
  • High Efficiency
  • Isolation Class II
  • DIN Rail Mounting
  • Free Air Convection Cooled
Sifam Power Supply specs

Catalog-Page-133          FLEX-E6024A              FLEX-E4524A

FLEX-E3024A                FLEX-E1515A

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Item # Output Voltage Output Current Type
FLEX-e1512A12V DC1.2APower Supply
FLEX-e17024a24V DC7.0APower Supply
FLEX-e9024a24V DC3.75APower Supply
FLEX-e6024A24V DC2.5APower Supply
FLEX-e1515A15V DC1.0APower Supply
FLEX-e3024A24V DC1.5APower Supply
FLEX-e4524A24V DC1.75APower Supply
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