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Saxon Series Frequency Meters – Crompton


Crompton Saxon Analog Meters Model 012 (2.5 inch) and Model 013 (3.5 inch) are a versatile range of surface mount analog panel meters utilizing pivot and jewel mechanisms and offering IP54 protection. The Saxon range includes iron vane and moving coil AC and DC ammeters and voltmeters and frequency meters designed to perform in demanding environments.

  • Accuracy: Class 0.5
  • Meets ANSI C39.1
  • Two  Display Sizes: 2½” and 3½”
  • Replacements for Yokogawa Big Look


  • Custom Scaling
  • Custom Legends/Logos
  • Non-standard Ranges
  • Color Bands
  • 2 or 4 stud mounting

Note: add suffix -B3 to P/N for 3 stud mounting

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Item # Model Case Size (in) Voltage Input Center Frequency Scale (Hz)
012-41SA-PNAG-AGSaxon - Frequency - Self Contained2-1/2110/130 VAC5045-55
012-41SA-PNAJ-AJSaxon - Frequency - Self Contained2-1/2110/130 VAC5545-65
012-41SA-PNAN-ANSaxon - Frequency - Self Contained2-1/2110/130 VAC6055-65
012-41SA-PNBI-BISaxon - Frequency - Self Contained2-1/2110/130 VAC400380-420
012-41SA-RNAG-AGSaxon - Frequency - Self Contained2-1/2200/250 VAC5045-55
012-41SA-RNAJ-AJSaxon - Frequency - Self Contained2-1/2200/250 VAC5545-65
012-41SA-RNAN-ANSaxon - Frequency - Self Contained2-1/2200/250 VAC6055-65
012-41SA-RNBI-BISaxon - Frequency - Self Contained2-1/2200/250 VAC400380-420
013-41SA-PNAG-AGSaxon - Frequency - Self Contained3-1/2110/130 VAC5045-55
013-41SA-PNAJ-AJSaxon - Frequency - Self Contained3-1/2110/130 VAC5545-65
013-41SA-PNAN-ANSaxon - Frequency - Self Contained3-1/2110/130 VAC6055-65
013-41SA-PNBI-BISaxon - Frequency - Self Contained3-1/2110/130 VAC400380-420
013-41SA-RNAG-AGSaxon - Frequency - Self Contained3-1/2200/250 VAC5045-55
013-41SA-RNBI-BISaxon - Frequency - Self Contained3-1/2200/250 VAC400380-420
013-41SA-RNAJ-AJSaxon - Frequency - Self Contained3-1/2200/250 VAC5545-65
013-41SA-RNAN-ANSaxon - Frequency - Self Contained3-1/2200/250 VAC6055-65
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