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Ruggedized Series Analog Panel Meters – LFE


These ruggedized and sealed panel meters are built to function in severe environments. The meter movement is securely anchored in a gasketed metal case to provide protection against severe shock, salt spray, fungus and corrosive chemicals. The meter conforms to the gasket-sealing requirements of the MIL-M-10204-C specifications. The ruggedized-sealed panel meters are available in three sizes: 2½”, 3½” and 4½” diameters.

Ruggedized, sealed panel meters use d’Arsonval meter mechanisms. The meters are furnished with taut band suspensions as standard in the sensitive ranges from 0- 5mA to 100mA and 0-5mV to 0-25mV. Taut band suspensions may be specified for other ranges as required. The higher ranges are normally furnished as pivot-and-jewel mechanisms. Taut bands provide the advantage of friction-free measurements for the ultimate in accuracy. Taut bands also allow the meter to respond to extremely small signals, extending the application of ruggedized- sealed panel meters to areas of sensitivity not previously possible.

  • Gasket-sealed metal case
  • Great in severe environments
  • Taut band suspension standard for sensitive ranges
  • Standard indication accuracy of ±3% for AC
  • Wide selection of Ranges
  • Customized scales available
  • Mirrored scales available on Model 455
  • Special pointers and other options also available
  • Replacements for popular styles and sizes
LFE Ruggedized panel meters specs

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