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Red Lion Compact Photoelectric Sensors


Red Lion Compact Photoelectric Sensors: These compact self-contained and powerful Retroreflective, Proximity (Diffuse) and Opposed Beam Pair Photoelectric Sensors provide application flexibility in counting, positioning and object detection.

All units are interchangeable with conventional 18 mm threaded barrel-type photo-electrics and inductive proximity sensors. Their small 2-1/8″ x 1-1/4″ x 1/2″ size, in addition to various mounting options, greatly increases alignment ease and application possibilities. All units can be powered from +10 to +30 VDC and are reverse polarity protected. Current sinking NPN and current sourcing PNP Open Collector Transistors are protected from continuous overload and inductive load transients and are rated to 150 mA, with low saturation voltage and less than 1 µA off-state leakage current. In addition, no false outputs are generated at power-up. A 6 foot long 4 conductor PVC jacketed cable with strain relief provides supply input and transistor outputs

• Retroreflective, proximity (diffuse) & opposed beam pairs
• Modulated LED light beam for immunity to ambient light
• 10-30VDC operation with reverse polarity protection
• LED signal strength indicator
• NEMA 1, 2, 3, 3S, 4, 4X, 12, 13

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Each sensor supplied with 6 ft cable

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RCDC0000DC Receiver (Opposed Beam Pair)10 ft
EMDC0000DC Emitter (Opposed Beam Pair)10 ft
PRDC0000Proximity (Diffuse) DC Photo-Electric Sensor12 inches
RRDC0000Retroreflective DC Photo-Electric Sensor15 ft
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