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Pyromation Platinum RTD’s


Pyromation manufactures resistance temperature detectors and resistance thermometers for many industry applications. These high-accuracy 100-ohm platinum RTDs are built to DIN specifications, with α=0.00385 and accuracy of ±0.1% at 0°C. These RTDs are specifically designed for use in two different process temperature ranges and will provide accurate and repeatable temperature measurement through a broad range. Low range RTDs are constructed using fluoropolymer-insulated, silver-plated copper internal leads with potting compounds to resist moisture penetration. High-range RTDs are constructed with nickel internal leads inside swaged MgO insulated cable to allow higher temperature measurements at the RTD element and provide higher temperature lead protection along the sheath.

  • Low and High-temperature ranges
  • 3 or 4 wire elements
  • Accuracy exceeds DIN Class B requirements
  • Rugged 316 stainless sheath

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Pyromation Platinum RTD’S

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