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Pyromation Insulated Thermocouples


Pyromation produces a wide range of thermocouples and thermocouple replacements for most market applications, including MgO (Magnesium Oxide), industrial and general-purpose types. They also make thermocouple assemblies for hazardous locations and other applications that require connection heads, protection tubes, thermowells and/or transmitters.

A Pyromation MgO thermocouple assembly consists of a thermocouple element swaged in hard-packed, standard-purity (96%) Magnesium Oxide mineral insulation and encased in a metal sheath. Thermocouple sheaths have been fully annealed; they can be formed into many configurations and can be bent into a radius of twice the size of its outer sheath. The extension lead wire of the same thermocouple material connects to remote panel meters or transmitters. Sheath fittings can be specified to mount the probe in thermowells with NPT threads. Standard or Miniature Thermocouple Plugs are available to simplify field installation. These can be ordered with or without extension lead wire.

Pyromation Insulated Thermocouples Specs

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Pyromation Insulated Thermocouples

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