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Theta Power Transducers – Sifam Tinsley


The Sifam Tinsley Theta 30P is a compact, multi-function panel mount power quality monitor, which measures, calculates and displays major electrical parameters of three-phase power systems. The transducer is used to measure and convert active, reactive, apparent power, Phase angle & Power Factor of a Single-phase or Three-Phase AC system with a balanced or unbalanced load into a proportional load independent DC current or voltage output signal.

  • TRMS measurement of active power, reactive power, appaprent power, power factor or phase angle
  • Field programmable function
  • Programmable V & I input ranges
  • Single or dual output
  • Selectable DC V or DC mA output
  • Accuracy class 0.2 for power
  • RS-485 Modbus option
Sifam theta 30P specs

Catalog Page 098c                           Sifam-Theta-30P-datasheet

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