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PAX2A Dual Display Panel Meter – Red Lion


The PAX2A is packed full of features that set it apart from other panel meters. The input, total, min., max. or setpoint value can be displayed on the 0.7″ high 6-digit main LCD display. The main display also offers three programmable, easy-to-read colors: red, orange and green. The color change can be tied to the setpoints, providing the operator with a visual display of changing conditions in the application. A second display line is a 0.35″ high, green LCD that can be programmed for any of the above parameters as well. This 9-digit display accommodates totalizing applications that easily exceed the normal 6-digit displays. In addition to the dual displays, the meter also includes a 3-character programmable unit indicator.

Beyond the display, the PAX2A provides the maximum in configuration flexibility, allowing users to stock just one meter for numerous applications. Featuring universal input, the same meter accepts DC current, DC voltage, process signal, plus thermocouple and RTD temperature sensor inputs. The PAX2A also has a wide range AC/DC power input.

With its dual display and versatile functionality, the PAX2A delivers an ideal solution for applications that require two parameters to be visualized at the same time (e.g. present temperature and setpoint value or flow rate and total gallons).

  • Universal Process Inputs, DC Current, DC Voltage, Process Signals, Resistance, Thermocouples or RTDs
  • Wide Range Power Supply: 50 to 250 VAC & 21.6 to 250 VDC
  • 6/9 Digit Dual Line/Color Display with 0.7″ and 0.35″ digits
  • Variable Contrast and Intensity Display
  • Meter Update Rate up to 160/Second
  • Up to Four Setpoint Relays
  • Retransmitted Analog Output
  • Built-in USB port & Modbus Communications
  • R232 & RS485 (Opitional)
  • 1/8 DIN, NEMA 4X/IP65 Front Bezel
  • CE Approved


The Crimson 2 setup software allows quick and easy configuration of the meter from any PC, using the supplied USB cable. Free download on the Red Lion website

Catalog Page 22d                              Red-Lion-PAX2A Data Sheet

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PAXCDS10PAXCDSDual Setpoint Relay Output CardNo
PAXCDS20PAXCDSQuad Setpoint Relay Output CardNo
PAXCDS30PAXCDSQuad Setpoint Sinking Open Collector Output CardNo
PAXCDS40PAXCDSQuad Setpoint Sourcing Open Collector Output CardNo
PAXCDS50PAXCDSDual Triac/Dual SSR Drive Digital Output CardNo
PAXCDS60PAXCDSQuad Form C Relay Digital Output CardNo
PAXCDC1CPAXCDCExtended RS485 Serial Communications Card with Dual RJ11No
PAXCDC20PAXCDCRS232 Serial Communications Card with Terminal BlockNo
PAXCDC2CPAXCDCExtended RS232 Serial Communications Card with 9 Pin D ConnectorNo
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