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Smart AC Current Switches – ASM Series – NK Technologies


NK Technologies ASM Series Load Monitoring Switches are designed for overload, underload or operating window applications. This Self Calibrating Smart-Switch uses the actual load current to set the trip point.

The ASM Series is designed for overload, underload or operating window applications. Upon sensing an average operating current, the ASM self-learns and establishes a limit-alarm trip point based on 85–125% of normal current (overload/ underload model only). Available in a solid- or split-core case


   Solid-Core: 1.5 – 150A

   Split-Core:  2.8 – 150A



Self-calibrating trip points
Over, under or over/under limit detection
Long life solid-state output
No external power required
Solid and split-core styles
5 year warranty


  • Conveyors (-OL option)
  • Detects jams and overloads.
  • Interlocks multiple conveyor sections.
  • Electronic Proof of Flow (-UL option)
  • More reliable than electro-mechanical pressure or flow switches. No need for pipe or duct penetrations.
  • Pump Protection (-OU option)
  • Provides overload (jams) and underload (suction loss) indication.
  • Interlocks multiple conveyor sections
NK Tech ASM Specs

Catalog Page 104B               ASM-Datasheet             ASM-Instructions

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Item # Range Output Ratings Operation Case Style Price
ASM-NOU-UL-SP2.8-150Normally OpenUnderload (Status)Split-Core$191.00
ASM-NCU-OL-FT1.5-150Normally ClosedOverloadSolid-core, Top Term$172.00
ASM-NCU-OL-SP2.8-150Normally ClosedOverloadSplit-Core$191.00
ASM-NCU-OU-FT1.5-150Normally ClosedOver/UnderloadSolid-core, Top Term$172.00
ASM-NOU-OU-SP2.8-150Normally OpenOver/UnderloadSplit-Core$191.00
ASM-NCU-UL-FT1.5-150Normally ClosedUnderload (Status)Solid-core, Top Term$172.00
ASM-NCU-UL-SP2.8-150Normally ClosedUnderload (Status)Split-Core$191.00
ASM-NOU-OL-FT1.5-150Normally OpenOverloadSolid-core, Top Term$172.00
ASM-NOU-OL-SP2.8-150Normally OpenOverloadSplit-Core$191.00
ASM-NOU-UL-FT1.5-150Normally OpenUnderload (Status)Solid-core, Top Term$172.00
ASM-NOU-OU-FT1.5-150Normally OpenOver/UnderloadSolid-core, Top Term$172.00
ASM-NCU-OU-SP2.8-150Normally ClosedOver/UnderloadSplit-Core$191.00
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