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Large AC Current Sensing Switches – ASXP-MS & ASXP-LS Series – NK Technologies


The NK Technologies ASXP-MS and ASXP-LS Series Current Switches combine a current transformer and signal conditioner into a single package. The large, easy-to-install, split-core design allows for installation over existing conductors without the need to disconnect the load, even in applications where there are multiple conductors per phase.

The ASXP Series products are powered, current-operated switches that trigger when sensed current levels exceed the adjusted setpoint. Models are provided with NO and NC mechanical relay contacts. Contact action can be delayed on startup for up to 16 seconds by turning the Time Delay Adjustment on the side of the sensor base.

    • ASXP-MS series: The switch output is powered from the primary circuit
    • ASXP-LS  series: The switch output is externally powered

• Sense currents to 1600 A
• Split-core for easy installation
• SPDT relay output
• Adjustable setpoint & delay
• Status LED
• DIN rail or panel mounting
• AC or DC powered

AC Current Sensing Switches Specs

Catalog Page 103a               ASXP-LS-Datasheet              ASXP-MS-Datasheet

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