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Ground Fault Detector – AG Series – NK Technologies


Detects ground fault (earth leakage) conditions by monitoring all current-carrying conductors in a grounded single or three-phase system.

AG Series Ground Fault Detectors help protect people, products, and processes from damage by ground fault conditions by monitoring all current-carrying conductors in grounded single- and three-phase delta or wye systems.

Available Models
AG Series with Solid-State Outputs offer the benefit of reliable, long-lasting solid-state switches. Sold-state design provides unlimited switch operating life, superior resistance to shock and vibration, zero off-state leakage, high switch speeds and high input-output isolation. Available in a solid-core case with screw terminals.

AG Series with Mechanical Outputs is available in solid-core cases with a choice between a N.O. or N.C. SPST latching relay and an SPDT Form C relay with auto-reset. All mechanical models can be ordered with factory-set, field-adjustable setpoint or with a “Tri-set” option, which provides three factory-set setpoints. A noise immunity option is available for applications in harsh EMI/RFI environments.

Latching Models (-LA Option) power up initially in the rest (normal) mode. If there is a fault condition or the test button is pushed, the output contacts will change state and latch. The output will remain latched regardless of whether the fault is cleared or control power is removed. To reset the output apply a momentary contact across “reset” terminals.

  • Fixed or selectable setpoint
  • Solid-state or relay output
  • Green LED Power-On indication
Ground Fault Detector Specs

Catalog Page 095       NK-AG-Data-Sheet

AG-Solid-State           AG-Relay-Outputs          AG-Latching

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