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Easy Setup AC Current Switches – ASL Series – NK Technologies


The ASL Series Current Sensing Switches provide a current operated solid-state contact powered from the monitored circuit. The trip point adjustment uses a single turn potentiometer. This means the installer can set the point where the output changes state when the monitored circuit is not energized, by turning the adjustment arrow to the current magnitude needed, and install the sensor over the conductor. Proper installation couldn’t be easier

  • Trip point can be set before installation or with no load present
  • Trip point indicated on potentiometer label
  • Self-powered
  • 2 second inrush delay
  • 5 year warranty
ASL AC Current Switches

Catalog Page 104a         ASL Datasheet              ASL-Instructions

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Item # Full Scale Range Output Relay Current/Voltage Case Price
ASL1-NCU-FF1-10 AN.C.0.20A @ 135V AC/DCSolid-core$137.00
ASL2-NOU-FF10-50 AN.O0.15A @ 240V AC/DCSolid-core$137.00
ASL2-NCU-FF10-50 AN.C.0.20A @ 135V AC/DCSolid-core$137.00
ASL3-NOU-FF50-100 AN.O0.15A @ 240V AC/DCSolid-core$137.00
ASL3-NCU-FF50-100 AN.C.0.20A @ 135V AC/DCSolid-core$137.00
ASL4-NOU-FF100-150 AN.O0.15A @ 240V AC/DCSolid-core$137.00
ASL4-NCU-FF100-150 AN.C.0.20A @ 135V AC/DCSolid-core$137.00
ASL1-NOU-SP2-20 AN.O0.15A @ 240V AC/DCSplit-core$153.00
ASL1-NCU-SP2-20 AN.C.0.20A @ 135V AC/DCSplit-core$153.00
ASL2-NOU-SP20-50 AN.O0.15A @ 240V AC/DCSplit-core$153.00
ASL2-NCU-SP20-50 AN.C.0.20A @ 135V AC/DCSplit-core$153.00
ASL3-NOU-SP50-100 AN.O0.15A @ 240V AC/DCSplit-core$153.00
ASL3-NCU-SP50-100 AN.C.0.20A @ 135V AC/DCSplit-core$153.00
ASL4-NOU-SP100-150 AN.O0.15A @ 240V AC/DCSplit-core$153.00
ASL4-NCU-SP100-150 AN.C.0.20A @ 135V AC/DCSplit-core$153.00
ASL1-NOU-FF1-10 AN.O.0.15A @ 240V AC/DCSolid-core$137.00
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