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DC Voltage Transducers – VTD Series – NK Technologies


The VTD Series Voltage Transducers are high-performance transducers for sensing voltage in DC powered installations. Applicable for use on circuits to 600 VDC, VTD voltage transducers provide fully isolated 0–5 VDC, 0–10 VDC, and 4–20 mA outputs proportional to rated nominal voltage in DC circuits. Housed in a slim, compact, easy-to-install DIN rail mount case, the VTD Series comes in a variety of nominal voltage

  •  Input up to 600V, in 6 ranges
  •  V or mA output
  •  Input and output isolation
  •  DIN rail mount
VTD Series Voltage Transducers

Catalog Page 099c                  VTD-Datasheet

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