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AC Voltage Transducers – VTR Series – NK Technologies


The VTR Series AC Voltage Transducers are high-performance True RMS transducers for sensing voltage in single- and three-phase installations. Applicable on circuits of 120 V, 240 V, 480 V and 600 V, the VTR Series voltage transducers provide a fully isolated, 4–20 mA output proportional to rated voltage in sinusoidal situations.

  •  TRMS measurement
  •  Loop-powered output
  •  Input and output isolation
  •  DIN rail mount
AC Voltage Transducers Specs

Catalog Page 099c                                VTR Datasheet

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Item # Voltage Input Output Supply Voltage Price
VTR1-420-24L-DIN0-120V4-20mADC24V Loop-Powered$227.00
VTR2-420-24L-DIN0-150V4-20mADC24V Loop-Powered$227.00
VTR3-420-24L-DIN0-240V4-20mADC24V Loop-Powered$227.00
VTR4-420-24L-DIN0-480V4-20mADC24V Loop-Powered$227.00
VTR5-420-24L-DIN0-500V4-20mADC24V Loop-Powered$227.00
VTR6-420-24L-DIN0-600V4-20mADC24V Loop-Powered$227.00
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