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Multifunction Power & Energy Meter – Acuvim L – Accuenergy


The Acuvim L is a cost-effective, multifunction power and energy meter that offers value and high-performance for a wide range of standard metering projects. Designed for easy integration into panel or device monitoring applications, the plug-in expansion modules allow communication across Modbus-RTU or Profibus networks and the tough NEMA rated design ensures years of dependable use in harsh environments. In addition, the Acuvim L features revenue grade accuracy and can be configured as either a panel-mount device, as a DIN rail mount transducer, or installed in a pre-configured, pre-wired AcuPanel for extreme protection in even the toughest application environments.


  • Revenue grade: ANSI C12.20 class 0.2 & IEC62053-22 class 0.2s
  • 4th CT input – measure neutral current
  • Remote channel mapping and four channel multi-circuit metering
  • Dual source meter to monitor energy usage from separate energy sources
  • Data Logging available in 16MB onboard and 8GB with WEB2 module
  • Dual Ethernet ports with both RSTP bridge daisychain mode and separately configurable network with AXM-WEB2 module
  • Multiple compatible CT output options: 5A, RCT (Rogowski), or 333mV
  • Modbus-RTU & BACnet MS/TP ready.
  • Optional multi-protocol support for multiple industrial protocols & interfaces such as Modbus- TCP/IP, BACnet-IP, IEC61850, EtherNet/IP and WiFi
  • Designed with industry leading cybersecurity
  • Optional 35mm DIN rail mount and IP66/NEMA 4X rated protective display cover


  • Submetering and billing allocation
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Measurement & Verification
  • Building Automation and IoT
  • SCADA Systems
  • Commercial tering, LEED 50001, and sustainability standards
  • Switchgear and switchboard monitoring

Key Features


  • Modbus RTU Protocol and BACnet MS/TP via RS485
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet Communication Channels (Modbus
  • Dual RJ45 ports with RSTP daisy-chain and two individually configurable Ethernet ports

Data Logging

  • Acuvim-L meters offer three, assignable historical logs and a real time clock to record many metering parameters with accurate timestamping. Add the AXMWEB2 module to expand the memory to 8GB with an adjustable log size.
  • WEB2 module offers additional granularity to data logging with 1 second interval timing, max/min/average and instantaneous reading for real time parameters

Time of Use

  • Users can assign up to four tariffs (sharp, peak, valley, & normal) to different time periods within a day. The Acuvim-L meter will calculate and accumulate energy to different tariffs according to the meter’s internal clock and TOU settings.

Remote Access and Correction

  • Use “Remote Access” feature when paired with AXMWEB2 to access meter web server via static URL
  • Remotely reverse polarity of individual CT inputs in event of incorrect wiring
  • Use phase selection to remotely correct alignment issues and map correct CT input to voltage inputs

I/O Module

  • Expand Acuvim-L I/O functionality by connecting an optional I/O module. A maximum of three modules can be used per meter. Digital input, digital output, pulse output, relay output, analogue input, and analogue output I/O modules are available.


  • Limits can be set for up to 16 indicated parameters with a specified time interval. Parameters that are over or under the setting limit and persist longer than the specified time interval will be recorded and trigger the Alarm DO. Choose from 80 available parameters.

Flexible Current Transformer Options

  • The Acuvim-L is directly compatible with Rogowski coils plus a variety of other current transformer outputs including 5A, 1A , and 333mV. All CTs are available from Accuenergy.


AXM Series Digital/Analog I/O Modules

The AXM-IO modules add input/output options to the Acuvim II power meters. These plug-in I/O modules integrate data to/from other devices and are field expandable.  These increased functions can be enabled by simply snapping on the module to the back of either meter and can work in conjunction with two other extension modules (cannot be paired with the same module). Modules range from 6 to 4 Digital Inputs, and can have Digital Output, Relay Output, Analog Input, or Analog Output.

In addition, there are two communication modules for the Acuvim II – AXM-NET for ethernet communications and AXM-PROFI for PROFIBUS communication. A total of 3 external modules can be stacked and used together with each Acuvim-II meter.

  • No more than 2 of the same I/O modules may be attached to the meter (example: Two AXM-IO2). The same two IO modules must be a different component number
  • A maximum of 3 modules may be attached to the meter. If a communication module is used (example: A XM-NET), it must be installed on the back of the meter FIRST before the other module are attached
  • If Acuvim IIW uses DI to trigger a waveform capture, the I/O module logical number must be Module 1



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Item # Description Current Input Power Mounting Protocols
AXM-IO3-1BOptional I/O Module 4DI, 2AI, 2RO0-20mA, Logic Address 1
AXM-IO3-1COptional I/O Module 4DI, 2AI, 2RO1-5V, Logic Address 1
AXM-IO3-1DOptional I/O Module 4DI, 2AI, 2RO0-5V, Logic Address 1
AXM-IO3-2AOptional I/O Module 4DI, 2AI, 2RO4-20mA, Logic Address 2
AXM-IO3-2BOptional I/O Module 4DI, 2AI, 2RO0-20mA, Logic Address 2
AXM-IO3-2COptional I/O Module 4DI, 2AI, 2RO1-5V, Logic Address 2
AXM-IO3-2DOptional I/O Module 4DI, 2AI, 2RO0-5V, Logic Address 2
REM-DS1V4Remote Display ("M" mount only)
AXM-DINDIN Rail Adapter
IP66/NEMA4XEnvironmental Protection Cover
USB-RS485USB-to-RS485 Converter
AXM-IO1-1Optional I/O Module 6DI, 2ROLogic Address 1
AXM-IO1-2Optional I/O Module 6DI, 2ROLogic Address 2
AXM-IO2-1AOptional I/O Module 4DI, 2DO, 2AO4-20mA, Logic Address 1
AXM-IO2-1BOptional I/O Module 4DI, 2DO, 2AO0-20mA, Logic Address 1
AXM-IO2-1COptional I/O Module 4DI, 2DO, 2AO1-5V, Logic Address 1
AXM-IO2-1DOptional I/O Module 4DI, 2DO, 2AO0-5V, Logic Address 1
AXM-IO2-2AOptional I/O Module 4DI, 2DO, 2AO4-20mA, Logic Address 2
AXM-IO2-2BOptional I/O Module 4DI, 2DO, 2AO0-20mA, Logic Address 2
AXM-IO2-2COptional I/O Module 4DI, 2DO, 2AO1-5V, Logic Address 2
AXM-IO2-2DOptional I/O Module 4DI, 2DO, 2AO0-5V, Logic Address 2
ACUVIM-EL-D-5A-P1V4Power & Energy Meter Class 0.21A & 5A100-400Vac, 100-300VdcPanel (LCD display)MODBUS-RTU
ACUVIM-EL-D-MV-P1V4Power & Energy Meter Class 0.2333mV & Rogowsk100-400Vac, 100-300VdcPanel (LCD display)MODBUS-RTU
ACUVIM-EL-M-5A-P1V4Power & Energy Meter Class 0.21A & 5A100-400Vac, 100-300VdcDIN-Rail (no display)MODBUS-RTU
ACUVIM-EL-M-MV-P1V4Power & Energy Meter Class 0.2333mV & Rogowsk100-400Vac, 100-300VdcDIN-Rail (no display)MODBUS-RTU
ACUVIM-EL-D-5A-P2V4Power & Energy Meter Class 0.21A & 5A20-60VdcPanel (LCD display)MODBUS-RTU
ACUVIM-EL-D-MV-P2V4Power & Energy Meter Class 0.2333mV & Rogowsk20-60VdcPanel (LCD display)MODBUS-RTU
ACUVIM-EL-M-5A-P2V4Power & Energy Meter Class 0.21A & 5A20-60VdcDIN-Rail (no display)MODBUS-RTU
ACUVIM-EL-M-MV-P2V4Power & Energy Meter Class 0.2333mV & Rogowsk20-60VdcDIN-Rail (no display)MODBUS-RTU
ACUVIM-CL-D-5A-P1V4Power & Energy Meter Class 0.51A & 5A100-400Vac, 100-300VdcPanel (LCD display)MODBUS-RTU
ACUVIM-CL-D-MV-P1V4Power & Energy Meter Class 0.5333mV & Rogowsk100-400Vac, 100-300VdcPanel (LCD display)MODBUS-RTU
ACUVIM-CL-M-5A-P1V4Power & Energy Meter Class 0.51A & 5A100-400Vac, 100-300VdcDIN-Rail (no display)MODBUS-RTU
ACUVIM-CL-M-MV-P1V4Power & Energy Meter Class 0.5333mV & Rogowsk100-400Vac, 100-300VdcDIN-Rail (no display)MODBUS-RTU
ACUVIM-CL-D-5A-P2V4Power & Energy Meter Class 0.51A & 5A20-60VdcPanel (LCD display)MODBUS-RTU
ACUVIM-CL-D-MV-P2V4Power & Energy Meter Class 0.5333mV & Rogowsk20-60VdcPanel (LCD display)MODBUS-RTU
ACUVIM-CL-M-5A-P2V4Power & Energy Meter Class 0.51A & 5A20-60VdcDIN-Rail (no display)MODBUS-RTU
ACUVIM-CL-M-MV-P2V4Power & Energy Meter Class 0.5333mV & Rogowsk20-60VdcDIN-Rail (no display)MODBUS-RTU
AXM-WEB3-FOLCOptional Comm. ModuleVarious + Wi-Fi, Fiber
AXM-WEB3-FOLCOptional Comm. ModuleVarious + Wi-Fi
AXM-WEB2-DOptional Comm. ModuleVarious
AXM-PROFIOptional Comm. ModulePROFIBUS
AXM-RS485Optional Comm. ModuleMODBUS-RTU
AXM-IO3-1AOptional I/O Module 4DI, 2AI, 2RO4-20mA, Logic Address 1
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