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Moving Iron & Rectifier AC Ammeters and Voltmeters (DIN) – Crompton


Crompton DIN analog Panel Meters – A range of 48, 72, 96 & 144mm DIN style panel meters measuring all electrical parameters and featuring moving coil or moving iron movements. All meters incorporate slide-in 90° short scales dials and terminal covers as standard. A range of customized options is available.

Moving Coil Meter (Rectifier Type)
Centre cored, self shielding moving coil movement, using pivots, hairsprings and sprung jewels. Seven variations have been designed in movement ranges: all intermediate ranges are achieved by shunting the next lowest range. All DC voltmeters are 1000 ohms per volt, rectified product run at 900 ohms per volt. Millivolt meters use the 5 milliamp movement.

Moving Iron Meter
Clapper type repulsion design using pivots, hairsprings and jewel movements. The bottom jewel is oil-filled to provide damping while the top is sprung for resilience. All voltmeters are manufactured with external voltage dropper resistors to substantially reduce the self heating effects.

Short Scale (90°)    Long Scale (240°)

  • Model E242= 48 x 48 mm (90° short scale only)
  • Model E243= 72 x 72 mm (90° short or 240° long scale)
  • Model E244= 96 x 96 mm (90° short or 240° long scale)
  • Model E246= 144 x 144 mm (90° short or 240° long scale)
  • 1.5% Accuracy Class

Meters indicate true RMS values, substantially independent of system waveform. Scales are calibrated down to 20%.

Standard dials are white matte with black printed scales and bar knife-edge pointers. Black dials with white or yellow scales and pointers are also available

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