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AC Ammeters and Voltmeters with Selector Switch – CROMPTON


These Crompton Instruments DIN sized, moving iron AC ammeters and voltmeters include an input selector switch. The 96mm and 72mm meters offer Class 1.5 true RMS measurement of three-phase AC voltage or current on 3P3W and 3P4W circuits. The integral selector switch eliminates the need for a separate selector switch, saving valuable panel space and providing installation benefits. Both ammeters and voltmeters feature a slide-in dial, scaled for VT or CT values to suit application primary values.

These robust moving iron meters incorporate a clapper type repulsion design which utilises a pivot, hairspring and jewel movement. The bottom jewel is oil filled to provide damping while the top is sprung for resilience. Voltmeters are manufactured with internal voltage dropper resistors.


  • Integral selector switch
  • True RMS measurement
  • Slide-in dials
  • Scaled for customer VT or CT primary values
  • DIN 72 and DIN 96 models
  • Terminal cover as standard
  • Shock resistant sprung pivot and jewel movement
  • x2 overload ammeters
  • Compliant with IEC61010-1B2001, EMC and LVD


  • Switchgear
  • Distribution systems
  • Generator Sets
  • Control panels
  • Energy management
  • Building management
Crompton E243 SW Specs

Crompton-E243-E244-Selector-Switch-Catalog Page

Options Available

  • Non reflecting glass window
  • Polycarbonate shatterproof window
  • Red supplementary pointer, externally adjustable
  • Red index mark (triangle)
  • ** Insert applicable CT primary value for Ammeters, e.g. 1kA/5A
  • ** Insert applicable VT primary and secondary value for Voltmeters, e.g. 15kV/110V

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Item # Case Size Full Scale Deflection Switch Notation 3 Phase
E243-02Q-G-PM**-C7-SW672mm0/120 VAC0FF L1L2 L2L3 L3L1 3W3W
E243-02Q-G-PZ**-C7-SW672mm0/150 VAC0FF L1L2 L2L3 L3L1 3W3W
E243-02Q-G-PZ-PZ-C7-SW672mm0/150 VAC0FF L1L2 L2L3 L3L1 3W3W
E243-02Q-G-RX-RX-C7-SW672mm0/300 VAC0FF L1L2 L2L3 L3L1 3W3W
E243-02Q-G-SF-SF-C7-SW372mm0/500 VACL1L3 L1L2 L2L3 L3N L2N L1N 4W4W
E243-02Q-G-SJ-SJ-C7-SW372mm0/600 VACL1L3 L1L2 L2L3 L3N L2N L1N 4W4W
E243-02Q-G-SJ-SJ-C7-SW396mm0/150 VAC0FF L1L2 L2L3 L3L1 3W3W
E244-02Q-G-PZ-PZ-C7-SW696mm0/150 VAC0FF L1L2 L2L3 L3L1 3W3W
E244-02Q-G-RX-RX-C7-SW696mm0/300 VAC0FF L1L2 L2L3 L3L1 3W3W
E244-02Q-G-SF-SF-C7-SW396mm0/500 VACL1L3 L1L2 L2L3 L3N L2N L1N 4W4W
E244-02Q-G-SF-SF-C7-SW396mm0/600 VACL1L3 L1L2 L2L3 L3N L2N L1N 4W4W
E243-02E-G-LS**-C7-AMP372mm0/5 AACOFF L1 L2 L33W
E244-02E-G-LS**-C7-AMP396mm0/5 AACOFF L1 L2 L33W
E243-022E-G-LS**-C7-AMP372mm0/5/10 AACOFF L1 L2 L33W
E244-022E-G-LS**-C7-AMP396mm0/5/10 AACOFF L1 L2 L33W
E243-02E-G-LA**-C7-AMP372mm0/1 AACOFF L1 L2 L33W
E244-02E-G-LA**-C7-AMP96mm0/1 AACOFF L1 L2 L33W
E243-022E-G-LA**-C7-AMP372mm0/1/2 AACOFF L1 L2 L33W
E244-022E-G-LA**-C7-AMP396mm0/1/2 AACOFF L1 L2 L33W
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