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Multifunctional Motor Rotation Machine Tester – MTR105 – Megger


The MTR105 is a dedicated Static Motor Tester with Megger’s tried and trusted suite of insulation resistance tests (IR), plus all the great traditional features and reliability of Megger’s testers. The MTR105 takes the test abilities of Megger’s proven IR test instruments adding DLRO four-wire Kelvin low resistance test, inductance and capacitance tests to provide a versatile motor tester, all packaged in a robust handheld instrument, which up to now has simply not been available.

Additionally, the MTR105 incorporates temperature measurement and compensation (for IR tests), the motor direction of rotation plus supply phase rotation tests. These new test abilities make the MTR105 a real-world, versatile, handheld motor test instrument. The MTR105 comes in an over-molded case, providing increased protection and robustness, achieving an IP54 weatherproof rating.


  • Production tests for new manufactured motors and generators.
  • Test repaired and refurbished motors and generators.
  • Monitoring and maintenance of in-service motors (offline) in the field.


  • Insulation Resistance test range 100 Ω up to 200 GΩ.
  • 3 Phase insulation resistance
  • Voltmeter: Measures ac 10 mV up to 1000 V; dc 0 to 1000 V; TRMS (15 Hz up to 400 Hz).
  • Continuity (Resistance) tests from 0.01 Ω to 1.0 MΩ.
  • DLRO Four Wire Kelvin Low Resistance from 1 mΩ up to 10 Ω.
  • Motor Direction of Test: Tests the direction of rotation of the motor under test and displays the phase sequence on screen
  • Inductance, Capacitance and Resistance Meter (LCR): Auto inductive, capacitive and resistive test. Frequency selectable to 120 Hz or 1000 Hz
  • Temperature: Temperature measurement of unit under test, via the supplied thermocouple.
  • Storage and Download of Results
Motor Rotation Machine Tester


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