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Modutec S & W Series AC Current/Voltage Meters – Jewell


The Modutec S Series (Surface Mount) and W series (Window Mount) Panel Meters are clean-cut meters with straightforward add distinction to any instrument or control panel. Available in five sizes and a wide variety of types and ranges, they resolve many problems for the equipment designer and are always a solid choice for function and appearance.

W series meters when installed, the meter cover is flush with the panel surface, with the dial easily read and are available in the same ranges as the S series meters.

  • Five Display Sizes: 1½”, 2½”, 3½”, 4½” and 5½”
  • Shielded Taut-Band Movement
  • Surface-Mount or Window-Mount Models

These meters are available in both moving coil (rectifier type) and iron vane versions. The iron vane construction is relatively insensitive to input distortion. The rectifier type is less affected by frequency variations.

AC Current/Voltage Meters Specs

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Modutec / Jewell S & W series AC Current & Voltage Meters

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