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mLine Multi-Function Counters / Timers – KEP


The KEP mL-MFU Series Programmable Timers & Counters can be used in package machines, production and quality control rollers, in cutting and processing machine of glass, plastic, marble, sheet, iron, fabric all measuring and controlling of dimension, count, total count, speed, cycle, productivity, time and can be adapted easily to all mechanical construction and automation system. They can be used in many applications with their control outputs, serial communication unit and output modules.


Programmable Timers
  • mL-MFU4 –   96mm x 96mm x 87.5mm  1/4 DIN
  • mL-MFU6 –   72mm x 72mm x 87.5mm  DIN size
  • mL-MFU8 –   96mm x 48mm x 86.5mm 1/8 DIN
  • mL-MFU16 – 48mm x 48mm x 116mm 1/16 DIN


  • 6 digits Process (PV) and 6 digits Set (SV) Value Display
  • Operation with 2 Set Value
  • Reset, Pause and ChA-ChB Counting Inputs
  • Configurable Counter “Totalizer Counter”, Batch Counter, Timer, Chronometer, Frequency meter and Tachometer Functions
  • Programmable Time Bases for Timer and Chronometer (Second, Minute, Hour )
  • Operation with Automatic and Manual Reset
  • Two 5A Relay Outputs
  • PNP/NPN Type Operation
  • INC, DEC, INC I INC, INC I DEC, UP I DOWN, x1 I x2 I x4 Counting with Phase Shifting (Quadrature) Property in Counter Function
  • Multiplication Coefficient and Decimal Point Position
  • Different Alarm Alternatives in Frequency meter and Cycle Measuring Functions
  • Absolute or Offset Operation in Counter Function
  • RS-485 Serial Communication with Modbus ASCII or RTU Protocol



mL-MFU                 mL-MFU6             mL-MFU8         mL-MFU16

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Item # Description Supply Voltage DIN Size
mL-RS485-cableRS485 Serial Communication Cable
mL-MFU8-gasketNeoprene Gasket to Provide NEMA4X Panel Mount Seal (mL-MFU8)
mL-MFU8-24VDCProgrammable Timer & Counter with Output24 VDC96mm x 48mm (1/8 DIN)
mL-MFU8Programmable Timer & Counter with Output100 - 240 VAC 50/60Hz96mm x 48mm (1/8 DIN)
mL-MFU6Programmable Timer & Counter with Output100 - 240 VAC 50/60Hz72mm x 72mm
mL-MFU16Programmable Timer & Counter with Output100 - 240 VAC 50/60Hz48mm x 48mm (1/16 DIN)
mL-MFU4Programmable Timer & Counter with Output100 - 240 VAC 50/60Hz96mm x 96mm (1/4 DIN)
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