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MLA, MLB, MLC Lightweight Types DC Ammeter Shunts – Weschler


These shunts are used when size and weight are a major design consideration. They comply with MIL-S61-B and commercial item description AA55524.

  • 5 to 1200 DC Amperes.
  • Accuracy: 1/4%
  • Recommended continuous operation: <2/3 rated current
Empro MLA DC Ammeter shunt Empro MLA DC Ammeter shunt specs Empro MLA DC Ammeter shunts


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Item # Amp Type Length (in) Width (in) Price
MLA-100-50100MLA, 50 mV21.25$55.78
MLB-300-50300MLB, 50 mV3.251.75$57.84
MLA-150-50150MLA, 50 mV21.25$55.78
MLA-80-5080MLA, 50 mV21.25$55.78
MLB-170-50170MLB, 50 mV3.251.75$57.84
MLB-500-50500MLB, 50 mV3.251.75$57.84
MLB-200-50200MLB, 50 mV3.251.75$57.84
MLA-5-505MLA, 50 mV21.25$55.78
MLB-250-50250MLB, 50 mV3.251.75$57.84
MLB-400-50400MLB, 50 mV3.251.75$57.84
MLA-75-5075MLA, 50 mV21.25$55.78
MLC-1200-501200MLC, 50 mV4.52.5$85.27
MLA-50-5050MLA, 50 mV21.25$55.78
MLC-1000-501000MLC, 50 mV4.52.5$85.27
MLC-800-50800MLC, 50 mV4.52.5$85.27
MLA-30-5030MLA, 50 mV21.25$50.59
MLA-20-5020MLA, 50 mV21.25$50.59
MLB-600-50600MLB, 50 mV3.251.75$52.47
MLA-10-5010MLA, 50 mV21.25$50.59
MLA-15-5015MLA, 50 mV21.25$50.59
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