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MJ Series 1KV Insulation Resistance Testers – Megger


MJ Series The MJ159 is the recognized industry standard, upgraded with modern circuitry. This analog Meter allows the trained operator to determine much more from the needle movement than just a Mohm reading. Available in line, battery or hand-cranked models.

Other features include:

  • IR measurements to 2000Mohm
  • Four test voltages to 1kV
  • Guard terminal
  • Continuity and kohm functions for troubleshooting

Catalog Page 156                    MJ Tester Datasheet

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Item # Model Test Voltage (V dc) Insulation Resistance Power Supply
ME/212359MJ359100, 250, 500, 10000 to 2000 MohmLine or Hand-Crank
ME/212159MJ159100, 250, 500, 10000 to 2000 MohmHand-Cranked
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