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Mini-Meter DVM-5 Series, 1.378 x 0.5 x 1.375 Case – Texmate


The Texmate DVM-5 Mini-Meter™ is one of the world’s smallest autozeroed, digital panel meters. It is offered in ranges of 200mV, 2V, 20V, and 200V full scale, also 4-20mA. The DVM-5 is designed for OEM’s in the medical and scientific instrument field where small size and exceptional performance are important.This meter, although small, is very advanced and uses all surface mount technology. The brightness of the LEDs is adjustable.

DVM-5 – 3.5 digit Red LED, 5VDC Power, 2/20/200VDC (1.999)

DVM-5/4-20 –  3.5 digit Red LED, 5VDC Power, 4-20 mA

DVM-5/CL –  3.5 digits, 0.276″ LED display, Max 8 V DC loop drop, Factory scalable to directly read in any engineering unit.

Catalog Page – 018         DVM-5-Datasheet            DVM-5CL-Datasheet

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DVM-5/CL3.5-Digits, 0.276" LED Display, Loop-Powered, Process 4 to 20 mA
DVM-52/20/200 VDC, 0.276" LED Display, 5VDC Power
DVM-5/4-203.5 Digits, 0.276" LED Display, Loop Powered, 4-20 input
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