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Megger TTRU1 Hand-Held TTR


Test single- and three-phase power, distribution, and instrument transformers (CTs and PT/VTs).

  • Perform routine polarity validation and turns ratio tests
  • Easy-to-follow setup ensures the right result the first time
  • Click start and perform over 1000 turns ratio tests on a single NiMH AA battery charge
  • Maximum current: 1A
  • Maximum turns ratio: 50,000 down
  • Pass/Fail ratio evaluation
  • Additive/Subtractive polarity validation
  • Excitation current measurements
  • Go / No-Go short circuit, open circuit and inductance tests (TTRU1-ADV)

Included accessories:  soft carry case, 2m (6ft) H and X leads, USB C to A cable, USB C to C cable, and USB drive.

TTRU1 Datasheet

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