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Laurel LTS Serial to Analog Transmitter


The Laurel LTS serial-to-analog frequency transmitter is able to retrieve digital data from long character strings. You can specify character positions, start and stop ASCII characters, how many characters to skip and how many characters to pass. Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII and Laurel ASCII protocols are supported.

The 16 bit analog output is isolated from the power and digital sections. Span is field adjustable using the Laurel setup software. Update rate to 60/sec provides rapid response.

  • RS-232 & RS-485 Input
  • Isolated 4-20mA or 0-10V Output
  • ASCII & Modbus Protocols
  • AC or DC Power
  • DIN Rail Mount
  • Dual Relay Outputs
Laurel frequency transmitter Specs

CBL04 …. RS232 cable. Connects RS232 port of PC to RS232 port of LTS transmitter …. $23

CBL02 …. USB-to-DB9 adapter cable. Includes FTDI chip for compatibility with all versions of Windows. Combination of CBL02 and CBL04 connects PC USB port to LTS RS232 port………$47


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Item # Input, Output Power Price
LTS61RS232/485 in, 4-20mA out12-32VAC (47-63Hz), 10-48VDC$403.00
LTS60RS232/485 in, 4-20mA out85-264VAC (47-63Hz), 90-300VDC; 3W max.$403.00
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