International Instruments Edgewise Panel Meters


International Instuments Edgewise Switchboard Meters, Single/Dual Models 1151/1251 (3½”) and 1146/1246 (6″)
These meters were initially developed to meet the demanding specifications of the Atomic Energy Commission with respect to seismic qualifications, long-life and high accuracy. The resulting
product line is the most rugged and reliable available. Models 1146 and 1246 are 3½-inch meters, 1151 and 1251 6-inch models, both series of instruments manufactured of modern black plastic with a design compatibility that makes them perfectly suited for use together on the same panel board.
Windows are tough clear Lexan®.

  • Accuracy: ±1.5% (1151/1251)
  • Single (1146/1151) or Dual Indicators (1246/1251)
  • Rugged Construction
  • Flush Stacking
  • EMI Shielded
  • Illumination Available


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International Instruments Edgewise Panel Meters

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