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International Instruments Edgewise Panel Meters


International Instuments Edgewise Switchboard Meters, Single/Dual Models 1151/1251 (3½”) and 1146/1246 (6″)
These meters were initially developed to meet the demanding specifications of the Atomic Energy Commission with respect to seismic qualifications, long-life and high accuracy. The resulting product line is the most rugged and reliable available. Models 1146 and 1246 are 3½-inch meters, 1151 and 1251 6-inch models, both series of instruments manufactured of modern black plastic with design compatibility that makes them perfectly suited for use together on the same panel board.
Windows are tough clear Lexan®.

  • Accuracy: ±1.5% (1151/1251)
  • Single (1146/1151) or Dual Indicators (1246/1251)
  • Rugged Construction
  • Flush Stacking
  • EMI Shielded
  • Illumination Available


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International Instruments Edgewise Panel Meters

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