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IMT100 Industrial Multi Tester – Megger


The IMT100 Industrial Multi Tester is a versatile instrument with a complete suite of insulation and low resistance testing capabilities, plus continuity, inductance, capacitance, voltage, and temperature measurements.

The IMT100 can test insulation resistance from 100 Ω  to 200 GΩ, with test voltages of 50 V, 250 V, 500 V, 1 kV, and selectable variable voltage. The tester includes a guard terminal and supports several diagnostic insulation resistance functions including spot reading, polarization index, and timed insulation testing.

The IMT100 comes with a unique four-wire digital low resistance function that includes a stable power supply that can deliver 200 mA in long circuits with a resistance range from 1 mΩ up to 10 Ω. This unit offers different test modes selectable through a soft keypad, including bidirectional, unidirectional, automatic, and continuous. The rotary switch and soft keypads are easy to operate, with or without gloved hands, and the instrument’s full-color graphic display makes it easy to select functions and take readings.

The unit also has a supplied thermocouple (CAT III to 600 V) that enables you to test temperature and insulation resistance compensation. What’s more, the LRC function allows the IMT100 to automatically determine if the main element of the load is inductive, capacitive, or resistive and displays the result on screen. It also gives you the ability to select each function and frequency to 120 Hz or 1000 Hz.

The IMT100 comes with data storage management for up to 256 test results with individual tag names and dates. These can be downloaded to a USB drive and are also accessible within the instrument via a dedicated color-guided recall dashboard.

  • Full-color graphic display
  • DC voltage and polarity test
  • AC voltage, phase rotation and frequency
  • Insulation resistance and surface leakage detection
  • 4 wire low resistance bonding test
  • 2 wire continuity and diode test
  • Data storage and management
  • Thermocouple temperature measurement
  • Environmental protection to IP54
  • Multipurpose industrial carry case
  • Rechargeable batteries and charger

Included accessories: Type T temperature probe, IR test leads, Kelvin clip leads, Kelvin probe leads,  PV lest adapter, 6 AA NiMH batteries and charger, carrying case



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