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Handy Multifunction Calibrator CA71 – Yokogawa


The CA71 Portable Calibrator is a small, lightweight, multifunction calibrator that can simultaneously source and measure voltage, current, resistance, TC, RTD, frequency, and pulse signals. The Handy Calibrator incorporates rotary switches for simple handling. Just open the carrying case cover and connect the cables, and you’re ready to take measurements.

Signal source: DCV, DCA, Resistance, RTD, TC (10 kinds), Frequency, Pulse
Measurement: DCV, DCA, ACV, Resistance, RTD, TC (10 kinds), Frequency, Pulse
Features: Simultaneous signal source and measurement capacity, a wide array of useful functions, Easy operation, Online communication function

CA71-Datasheet                    CA71 Specifications

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CA71The CA71 can simultaneously generate and measure voltage, current, TC, RTD and pulse signals
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