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Handy Calibrator CA150 – Yokogawa (obsolete)


The CA150 Handy Calibrator is a portable, multi-function calibration device that can handle a wide variety of tasks ranging from verifying multimeters, temperature controllers, and frequency meters. It is able to precisely source and measure voltage, current, resistance, pulse and thermo-electromotive force signals, as well as generate specialized outputs such as signal stepping and ramping. The unit can be battery powered for true portability or connected to an AC outlet.

Signal source: DCV, DCA, OHM, RTD, TC (10 kinds), Frequency, Pulse
Measurement: DCV, DCA, OHM, RTD, TC (10 kinds), Frequency, Pulse
Features: Highly accurate within 0.02% of the DC voltage range for source and measure.
Source and measurement can be performed simultaneously.
Vertical type with a large-screen display.Loop power supply function (24 VDC at a load of up to 22 mA)
It is possible to measure current in the mA range while supplying power. Sink function.
Sweep functions that allow 3 types of continuous outputs.
Options: CA150/SP1 includes: 94010 Idapter, 94015: NiMH Battery, 93027: Main Body case with strap


This Product is now obsolete, it has been replaced with the ca500 series.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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CA150The CA150 can simultaneously source and measure voltage, current, resistance, TC (Thermocouple), RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) and pulse signals
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