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HA Type DC Ammeter Shunts – Weschler


HA Type is small DC shunts with an insulating base.  They are normally mounted to a panel or inside an enclosure.  The base can be removed for busbar mounting. Input ranges available are 1 to 500 DC Amperes with a 50mV or 100mV output.

  • 1 to 500 DC Amperes.
  • Accuracy: 1/4%
  • Recommended continuous operation: <2/3 rated current

Size: 6.0″ x 1.25″
Mounting: 5.25″ C-C

DC Ammeter Shunts


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Item # Amp Type Price
HA-400-100400100 mV$49.97
HA-400-5040050 mV$49.81
HA-250-100250100 mV$49.97
HA-250-5025050 mV$45.38
HA-150-100150100 mV$45.91
HA-150-5015050 mV$40.44
HA-1-1001100 mV$53.30
HA-10-10010100 mV$45.91
HA-200-5020050 mV$40.44
HA-20-10020100 mV$45.91
HA-2-50250 mV$40.44
HA-50-10050100 mV$45.91
HA-5-1005100 mV$45.91
HA-5-50550 mV$40.44
HA-2-1002100 mV$45.91
HA-100-100100100 mV$45.91
HA-300-5030050 mV$45.38
HA-200-100200100 mV$45.91
HA-10-501050 mV$40.44
HA-100-5010050 mV$40.44
HA-300-100300100 mV$49.97
HA-20-502050 mV$40.44
HA-500-100500100 mV$49.97
HA-500-5050050 mV$49.81
HA-50-505050 mV$40.44
HA-1-50150 mV$46.96
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