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Fuji Valve Controllers – PXF Series


The Fuji PXF series are compact motorized valve controllers which have 48 x 48 mm (PXF4), 48 x 96 mm (PXF5) or 96 x 96 mm (PXF9) front panel with a large white LCD and 58 mm depth behind panel. Developed as a successor to the standard model PXR, PXF features fast sampling speed (50 ms), highly accurate input indication, and universal input, all at a competitive price.

They are equipped with multiple input and output options as well as sophisticated control functions. You can use any input among RTD, thermocouples, voltage, current, and mV. Switching the input is an easy parameter change.

  • 7 Control Methods including Self Tuning and Fuzzy PID
  • Universal Input (T/C, RTD, V, mA)
  • High Speed Sampling (50ms)
  • Large, Bright LCD Display
  • Up to 64 Ramp/Soak Segments in 15 Patterns
  • Two Control Outputs Plus Alarm Outputs
  • Digital Input Option
  • Heater Current Monitoring CT
  • RS485 Modbus Option
  • Setup via USB without External Power
  • Compact 58mm Depth
Fuji Valve Controllers

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Fuji Valve Controllers PXF Series

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