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Fuji 100mm Inkjet Strip Chart Recorder – PHC Series


The Fuji Electric PHC Series of 100mm Microjet strip chart recorders offers brilliant six color recording utilizing Fuji’s patented inkjet mechanism. Tiny piezo elements electronically dispense small dots of 0.3mm diameter colored ink onto the chart paper, tracing vibrant trend lines and printing sharp alphanumeric characters.

The inkjet cartridges can have a long life of up to 6 months of continuous operation. Each channel is assigned its own color, and reports generated in reference to that channel are printed in the corresponding color.

The PHC 100mm strip chart recorders come in three or six channels. As each channel has its own 16-bit A/D converter, these instruments offer a high-speed sampling of the input signal. These inputs include most thermocouple and RTD types plus a wide range of DC currents/voltages; each input can be scaled for your particular application from the recorder’s front panel. With advanced math functions, these recorders provide filtering, square root extraction, subtraction, and scaling for each channel.

One of the most powerful features of the PHC chart recorders is their ability to create a full complement of status reports — scheduled or on-demand. You may specify daily and summation reports for any period of time from one to 24 hours. These reports are printed in crisp digital type and provide you with important information such as:

  • Periodic Data for Each Channel
  • Totalized Values for Each Channel
  • Maximum and Minimum Recorded Value for Each Channel and Time of Occurrence
  • Average Value for Each Channel

The PHC is available in either continuous trace or dotting print versions. The continuous trace and dotting models are nearly identical in features except that the dotting recorder has a slower sample time and has limited scale print or periodic printout capabilities. Therefore, the dotting recorder carries a lower price. Both recorders are capable of data logging in addition to trend recording and can transmit data via an RS-485 communications link.


  • Chart width 100 mm, 3 or 6 channel continuous trace
  • Silicon ink jet printer technology in 6 colours
  • Prints 7 different types of reports
  • Easy to program for more than 15 parameters
  • Advanced Math Functions
  • Large Fluorescent, Multi-Language Display
  • Each channel has own circuit, no scanning relays used
  • Configurable channels accept most industrial inputs
  • Logging Mode prints measured values at intervals ranging from 10 to 60 minutes
  • Daily Report provides measured values for every hour along with max, min, and avg values
  • Totalization furnishes integrated values at one hour intervals and the total one day value
  • Zoom, Zone and Auto Range Traces match your unique programming
  • Power supply 110 to 240 Vac or 24 Vdc
  • Additional Options: chart illumination, alarm relays, remote control and RS485 Communications
  • Light weight design, 4.6 LBS,  Mechanical parts are only 1/3 a conventional recorder
  • Three-Year Manufacturing Warranty
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