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Fluke Clamp Meters


Models offer an impressive array of innovative features with current ranges up to 2500A. Fluke has a variety of clamp meters customized to suit the needs of your measuring requirements. Functions include: TRMS, AC/DC current, ohms, continuity, frequency, capacitance, logging, wireless transmit, detachable clams to name a few.

Fluke 323 & 324  AC Clamp Meter, 400A AC, 600V AC/DC

Fluke 325 AC/DC Clamp Meter,  400A AC/DC, 600V AC/DC

Fluke 365  AC/DC Clamp Meter with Detachable Jaw

Fluke 374FC & 375FC  AC/DC Clamp Meter,  600A AC/DC, 1000V AC/DC, Wireless Transmit

Fluke 376FC  AC/DC Clamp Meter,  1000A AC/DC, 1000V AC/DC, Wireless Transmit

Fluke 381 AC/DC Remote Display Clamp Meter with iFlex Probe, 2500 A AC, 1000V AC/DC


  • Measure to up to 200A, 400A, 600A or 1000A
  • Measure up to 2500A with flexible current probe
  • Designed for one hand operation
  • Removable display for remote reading up to 30 ft away (381)
  • DCV & DCA measurements (most models)
  • Resistance & continuity functions
  • Frequency to 500Hz (most models)
  • Large, backlit display with data hold
  • In-rush current function (on most models) for measuring starting current
  • Auto shut-off maximizes battery life
  • Approvals: UL, CSA, CE, TUV

Included Accessories
Soft Carrying Case, TL75 Test Leads, AA Alkaline Batteries, Coated Instruction Card & Safety Information Sheet

Fluke Clamp Meters

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Fluke-32X-DS     Fluke-365-DS       Fluke-37XFC-DS       Fluke-373-DS       Fluke-381-DS

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Item # AC Amps / Volts DC Amps / Volts Ohm Capacitance Wireless Transmit
Fluke 3811000A / 1000V1000A / 1000V60,000NoNo
Fluke 376FC1000A / 1000V1000A / 1000V60,0001-1000 uFYes
Fluke 375FC600A / 1000V600A / 1000V60,0001-1000 uFYes
Fluke 374FC600A / 1000V600A / 1000V6,0001-1000 uFYes
Fluke 373600A / 600VNo DCA / 600V6,00010-1000 uFNo
Fluke 365200A / 600V200A / 600V6,000NoNo
Fluke 32340/400A / 600V40/400A / 600VNo100-1000 uFNo
Fluke 32440/400A / 600VNo DCA / 600VNo100-1000 uFNo
Fluke 325400A / 600VNo DCA / 600VNoNoNo
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